Cleavage rejuvenation

Non-invasive treatment for cleavage

Rejuvenation of the décolleté

Like any other area of the body, décolleté can also be prone to wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines and folds.. Unfortunately, the décolleté area was for a long time at the mercy of aging without adequate treatment to combat it.

However, today there are numerous methods that allow rejuvenating the soft skin of the décolletage, as well as that of the face, so that it does not give you an older look than you want.

Non-surgical décolleté rejuvenation with dermal fillers can be a complement to other body contouring treatments by smoothing the skin so that its surface communicates youth, firmness and flexibility. The fillers used contain hyaluronic acid, a compound of organic origin that gives the skin a deeply hydrated appearance.

To learn more about décolletage rejuvenation treatment, contact Dr. Marisa Manzano and book your appointment. We will be happy to inform you about all the details of the treatment.

Types of cleavage rejuvenation

There are several procedures that we can use to improve the appearance of this area of the body. Among the most used are the following:

During the first consultation we will determine the best combination of procedures for your specific case.

What is cleavage rejuvenation for?

The skin of the female décolleté is incredibly thin and delicate, which makes it very susceptible to the effects of age, collagen loss, sun damage and gravity.

Women also lose muscle and fat in this region with age.. This can make the chest area look older than it is. In addition, when collagen loss occurs, it has an impact on the entire structural support of the area and can also cause a lack of volume.

All this only makes the problem worse. Luckily The décolleté rejuvenation treatment without surgery is designed to alleviate all these symptoms. Benefits include:

For whom the treatment is indicated

The best candidate for cleavage rejuvenation is a woman who is in good health in general and who wants to recover youthful-looking tissue in the décolleté area and lower neck.

The décolleté rejuvenation treatment is specially designed for women who want greater firmness in the skin of this area and who show mild or moderate signs of sun damage and aging.

Therefore, it is ideal for anyone who has neglected their skin, who feels dull and gray and who needs instant skin rejuvenation. Before the procedure, a consultation with Dr. Marisa Manzano will be scheduled to determine all the needs and benefits that cleavage rejuvenation will bring you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleavage Rejuvenation

The total cost of cleavage rejuvenation will depend on the needs of each patient. Book an appointment with Dr. Marisa Manzano to provide you with a detailed and personalized quote based on your needs.

As we age, wrinkles appear everywhere on the skin. Women with larger breasts also have the pulling and pushing forces of the breasts that contribute to wrinkles. UV radiation creates brown spots and destroys collagen that helps firmness.

We have had amazing results using our non-surgical treatments to help create new collagen for the patient for lasting resultss. It can also be combined with other treatments to further improve the appearance of this area and the surrounding areas.

Although décolleté rejuvenation is not formulated as a skin tightening treatment, its ability to stimulate the development of the body’s natural collagen helps create healthy, firmer skin which in turn can help tighten loose skin.

For patients with moderate to severe skin laxity on the chest, a combination of treatments for skin tightening and for optimal rejuvenation of the chest to the décolletage area may be recommended.

Cleavage rejuvenation is not a painful technique; and therefore, only topical anesthesia will be used. The treatment is applied with a small needle, which can cause rapid discomfort during application. The treatments only produce a small pain.

After Cleavage Rejuvenation Procedure No Downtime Required. Patients usually return to work the same afternoon. Although bruising, a small swelling or redness can occur, these are easily concealed under clothing and resolve quickly.

Décolleté rejuvenation with Dr. Marisa Manzano is a safe and reliable method to return the cleavage area to a more youthful appearance.

Complications are rare, as the techniques used are non-invasive, and do not require incisions or downtime. Side effects are minimal, but may include bruising, redness, and mild swelling. These effects They are easily concealed and diminish rapidly during the first week.

Results may take 3 to 6 months to be fully visible. This long process is due to the fact that the creation of new collagen takes time, but once the results are achieved, they can take up to two years.


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