Treatment for forehead wrinkles and frown signs

Rejuvenates the upper part of your face

Eliminates forehead wrinkles

Although aging does not start exactly the same for all of us, we can bet that we will eventually develop lines, wrinkles and folds.. One day you may look in the mirror and realize that you have reached a point where you are given an aged look and would like to do something about it.

Forehead wrinkles make you look older, particularly when you have an expressive face and forehead wrinkles are prominent. In this case, Treatment with muscle relaxants can have great results, returning you to a youthful appearance and making you look more rested.

The forehead, in particular, is an area that can be treated with great success using these substances.

The best way to determine if you’re ready to start on muscle relaxants is to get a consultation with Dr. Marisa Manzano.. During this meeting, we’ll examine your skin and talk about the changes you’d like to make. Book your appointment at the consultation and we will work together to determine the best option for you and your goals.

What is the treatment of wrinkles on the forehead for?

The benefits of the substance used in this treatment are so numerous that injections are now the most commonly used type of non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

As the name implies, forehead lines are horizontal wrinkles that appear on the forehead and frown area. These wrinkles can make you look angry, upset, and tired. Muscle relaxants can minimize these wrinkles and prevent them from becoming deeper and more prominent.

It is common to use these substances to improve wrinkles between the eyebrows. These wrinkles are often called glabellar waves or lines. We can also use them to produce an eyebrow lift effect, which elevates this part of the face and attracts attention to your eyes.

If you’re looking to get rid of forehead wrinkles, contact me to ask about how this injectable treatment can help you reverse the effects of time on your appearance.

For whom the treatment is indicated

If you’re a healthy adult who wants to reduce wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements, you’re probably a good candidate for forehead wrinkle treatment.. This treatment is excellent for minimizing these types of wrinkles, and your skin should respond positively to injections. That said, you should have realistic expectations about the results.

Also, you should understand that botulinum toxin is not designed to treat all types of wrinkles.. In particular, this product does not improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines resulting from smoking or sun damage.

You also can’t use a muscle relaxant if you have certain health problems.. For example, you cannot receive this product if you are allergic to any of its ingredients or if you have had a negative reaction to other similar products.

In addition, you should report if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.. You should also let us know if you are taking any medications or supplements or if you have any nerve or muscle problems.

Otherwise, this treatment is completely safe and can help you easily end the so-called dynamic wrinkles. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to book your consultation with Dr. Marisa Manzano so she can solve them in person.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

The price of the treatment of forehead wrinkles will depend on the sessions and the needs of each patient. Book your appointment with Dr. Marisa Manzano for a detailed and personalized quote.

Muscle relaxant works in men and women. In fact, it is increasingly common for men to perform this treatment and other similar ones based on muscle relaxants to improve their skin.

It is advisable to avoid the practice of any type of physical exercise. It is also recommended that you contract your forehead muscles from time to time for the rest of the day. This causes the relaxant to spread equally over the muscle. Also, you shouldn’t lie down for four hours after the procedure.

Other than this, there is no recovery time for this treatment.. You can get back to work immediately. If some bruising occurs in rare cases, you can camouflage them immediately and check with the clinic to see what steps you need to take.

Muscle relaxants have been administered for over forty years in the medical world to countless patients. To date, it is considered one of the safest procedures within aesthetic medicine.

In my practice I make sure to use very low concentrations of muscle relaxants, not harmful to the body.

Although this effect is rare, it is possible for it to occur. As some muscles relax after treatment, other muscles may contract, which can lead to a tension headache. This can be avoided in the future if the next treatment is carried out well in advance.

By keeping the muscles relaxed, the risk of a tension headache is reduced in the second treatment.

On the contrary. Since you haven’t exercised the muscles responsible for these wrinkles for a while, you may have partially lost the habit of using them.. Now that the skin on the forehead has moved more smoothly for a while, it will no longer pull so much upwards.

In addition, as the area treated with relaxant has not been active for several months, the skin has had time to recover greatly.

Results are not visible immediately after the procedure. It takes two days to two weeks for the treated muscle to immobilize and the wrinkle to soften.

If the wrinkles on the forehead are very deep, we advise you to return to Dr. Marisa Manzano between three and four weeks after the intervention to reinforce it or receive a filling treatment for small wrinkles that have not faded.

The first year it is advisable to perform three treatments. After this, twice a year will be enough.


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