Female genital surgery

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Intimate surgery

As women go through processes such as motherhood, hormonal changes, and aging, they may experience changes in their genitals. These They can cause discomfort both on a day-to-day basis and during intimate relationships.

Other women may have problematic anatomy as early as adolescence. Features such as large labia minora can generate both physical and emotional difficulties in people who have them.

Unlike what many people think, surgeries and laser treatments do not work only for the facial area. As the demand and interest for vaginal surgery have increased in recent years, so has the number of treatment options available. Thus, today there are surgeries and procedures that use laser to tighten, tone or rejuvenate the female genital area.

If you are interested in genital surgery and want to know the different surgical options, contact Dra. Marisa Manzano to discuss your needs and find out which of the alternatives may be the most useful for you.

What is female genital surgery for?

Female intimate surgery is a broad term that encompasses several corrective procedures of the genital region. These procedures They are intended to solve all kinds of problems that can occur after childbirth or during the aging process, or that can be present naturally since adolescence.

The most common conditions that can be treated with female genital surgery are the following:

In any of these cases, female intimate surgery can solve these problems and improve the quality of your personal and sexual life. Whether you choose the laser option or traditional surgery, Dr. Manzano’s advice will help you decide on the best procedure for your specific case.

For whom the treatment is indicated

In general, the ideal candidates for any type of surgical genital rejuvenation procedure are those who experience problems related to the anatomy of their intimate area.. Some of these difficulties are those already mentioned of pain during sexual intercourse or loss of firmness.

These difficulties can be caused by different life situations, such as pregnancy or childbirth, significant weight gain, certain types of hormonal changes or the natural aging process.

On the other hand, some women have a problematic intimate anatomy since their development at puberty.. In these cases female genital surgery can be a great solution to this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions About Female Genital Surgery

The cost of surgical vaginal rejuvenation will depend on the needs of each person. Because there are many different options and approaches, it is necessary to first make an assessment of your case in order to give you a personalized quote that suits your needs.

The recovery period after surgical vaginal rejuvenation is longer after surgical treatment compared to non-surgical treatment.

After vaginoplasty or surgical labiaplasty, you’ll most likely need to take one to two weeks off work. You’ll also want to avoid exercise and vigorous activity for several weeks after surgery. This usually includes sexual intercourse.

To help the area heal quickly, it is also recommended not to use tampons for weeks after surgery.

In some women there may be a risk of infection or bleeding. But this risk is very low, and most women don’t experience it. In extremely rare cases, a woman may experience vaginal scarring.

Unlike non-invasive solutions, an advantage of surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment is the duration of the result and how often, if at all, the treatment must be repeated.

In general, the results of a vaginoplasty or labiaplastyare extremely long-lasting, and it is not usually necessary to repeat the intervention.

Mind you, the body will continue to age after the operation, so there may be some noticeable changes in the vaginal area as a result of this process even after surgery.


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