Post-breast surgery complications

Correct the problems derived from your aesthetic operation

Surgery for complications of the operation

After any operation there is a risk of problems or complications. Whatever these problems, It is essential to treat them quickly and with the help of a professional.

Complications after reconstructive or cosmetic breast surgery are important considerations for women who undergo them. Reconstructive breast surgery after total or partial mastectomy can be performed using tissue flap or implant-based techniques, and Each of them has its own set of complications. That is why they can sometimes present problems.

Cosmetic reconstructive surgery of the breasts includes augmentation, reduction and mastopexy, which are performed using tissue rearrangement techniques or using breast implants.

If you are interested in surgery to correct problems after breast reconstruction and want to know all the details about it, contact Dra. Marisa Manzano to discuss the indications and take the first step towards the look you want.

Below we will see some of the possible complications derived from breast surgery.

Hardening and reshaping of the implant

The main long-term problem after surgery is that a fibrous covering may form around the implant.. Silicone is safe, but it’s still foreign to the body. It is normal for the body to form a fibrous capsule around it.

Over the years, the capsule may shrink and compress the implant.. This makes the chest harder than usual and changes its shape, plus it can become painful. If the shape changes a lot, the implant may need to be removed and replaced.

Leakage of fluid from the implant

Many women worry that the implant is leaking. With the new types of implants, The risk in this regard is much lower. But your implant could still leak if you have any major injuries or a blow to your chest.

Minor blows will not cause a leak and neither will air travel. If the implant leaks, it can cause the lymph nodes in the armpit to swell. In the event that this complication occurs, It will be necessary to remove the implant and replace it with another implant or fat, or simply reshape the breast tissue without placing a new prosthesis.

Presence of uneven breasts

Over time, the shape or size of the reconstructed breast may no longer match those of the other.. This can happen if you lose weight or the implant moves. In this situation, another operation is usually performed to try to achieve better symmetry.

It is not usually possible to make the breasts exactly the same on both sides, but it is possible to increase symmetry. In these cases, The best solution is usually to replace the breast implant with a larger or smaller one, or correct it with your own fat.

Need to replace an implant

Despite improvements in the field of mammoplasty, most Implants need to be replaced after about 10 or 15 years. Even in the case of the highest quality, their useful life does not usually exceed this period of time.

If you need to replace your breast implants with newer ones, the required surgery can present complications. It is for this reason that it has to be performed by plastic surgery professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corrective Breast Surgery

The cost of post-mammoplasty surgery depends on the type of problem that has occurred and the results you want to achieve. During the first consultation the Doctor will study your case in detail and give you a personalized quote.

If you have had any kind of serious difficulty with your implants, the most normal thing is that you have to undergo a new intervention to correct the problems that have appeared.

However, this second operation is not usually as traumatic as the first since you can take advantage of the scars of the previous intervention to avoid having to leave new ones in the breasts.

Corrective surgery for complications is only applicable if you have long-term problems related to your mammoplasty or reconstructive surgery. If, on the other hand, you are still noticing the side effects of your initial operation, this treatment is not the most suitable for you.


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