Reconstructive surgery

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Reconstructive surgery fixes birth defects, problems caused by illness, and injury. A person may need, for example, a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, or a hand operation to fix congenital webbed fingers.

Reconstructive surgery is different from cosmetic surgery because it is performed for medical reasons. In this sense, the word “reconstructive” implies the recovery of an area of the body that has been damaged by different causes or that from birth or during development does not have or acquires the shape / size / position it should have. Therefore, it can be a great option for patients who have suffered diseases such as cancer, major burns, or other types of accidents or birth defects.

On the other hand, in cases where it is necessary we also collaborate with a microsurgery team to achieve not only aesthetic changes, but also functional ones.

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What is reconstructive surgery for?

Below we will look at some of the most common conditions that are addressed with reconstructive surgery.

Breast conditions

Breast reduction can be considered as a reconstructive procedure in cases in which the size of the breast poses a health problem for the patient (for example, very large fibrous breasts that are difficult to explore for the detection of malignant breast pathology).

facial reconstruction

Facial reconstruction may be necessary after removal of a tumor or after trauma.

Other procedures

There are many other interventions that attempt to solve specific problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reconstructive Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is performed so that you look better and feel better about yourself, getting a better look than normal. It is not necessary for medical reasons, unlike reconstructive surgery.

On the other hand, reconstructive surgery aims to restore the normal shape and function of tissues after they have been compromised by infection, trauma, cancer surgery or congenital reasons.

Due to the unique nature of this treatment, it is not possible to give a single price for all interventions that can be performed. Therefore, before being able to give you a budget it will be necessary to study your specific case, your objectives and the techniques that will be necessary to reach them.

If you have suffered some type of accident or have undergone an operation that has affected your aesthetics, you may be a good candidate for this type of intervention. The same happens if you have an aesthetic problem from birth that affects your self-esteem or your relationships with others.


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Dr. Manzano operated on my breasts and everything went very well. He's a very human person. I recommend it!
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She is a great professional, humane and efficient. He is treating me for facial rejuvenation with different techniques of his specialty and I can assure you that it has been an unbeatable result.


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