Post-pregnancy plastic surgery

Recover the body you enjoyed before your children

Surgery for mothers

Known as “mommy jobs” and “mommy makeovers,” undergoing plastic surgery after giving birth seems to be the trend of the moment. Celebrity moms featured on TV and in magazines seem to return to the virtually unattainable weight and bodies of before the baby in just a few months, something that is virtually impossible to achieve naturally.

With pregnancy , a series of external and internal changes occur in the body that can make it difficult to achieve ideal measurements. Some women come out of pregnancy looking the same as before and others don’t. If you think you need a “mommy job” or a “mommy makeover”, at Dr. Marisa Manzano has been helping women like you achieve their aesthetic goals for more than 20 years.

The mommy makeover is not a single treatment, but mixes several interventions into one with the aim of achieving a perfect body after pregnancy. There are four main areas that women focus on after having a baby: the breasts, abdomen, lips, and genital area. If you want us to study your case and prepare a personalized intervention plan, book your first consultation and take the first step to feel comfortable with your body again.

What is post-pregnancy plastic surgery for?

Post-pregnancy plastic surgery is perfect for women who want to regain the look they had before their pregnancy, or who want to correct the typical aesthetic imperfections that occur when having a child.

In this sense, the mommy makeover improves the aesthetics of the person holistically. These are some of the problems that can be corrected with this intervention:

Who is the Mommy Makeover for?

The most common candidates for post-pregnancy plastic surgery are young women who have already finished having children and who want to get a more attractive figure. In this sense, the treatment is designed to complement efforts such as diet and exercise, and allows to correct the most typical aesthetic problems that appear after pregnancy and childbirth.

It is important to emphasize that it is generally advisable to wait between 6 months and a year after having the last child before undergoing a mommy makeover. Of course, each case is different, and in this sense it is best to discuss your options with a qualified professional such as Dr. Marisa Manzano.

If you want to recover the body you had before your pregnancy, or if you want to correct all kinds of aesthetic defects in a single intervention, book your first consultation and we will develop a personalized action plan for your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Post-Pregnancy Cosmetic Surgery

The cost of the mommy makeover depends on the type and complexity of the procedure to be performed. In this case, the treatment combines different interventions into one, with the specific needs of each person being different.

During the first consultation we will study your case in detail and give you a personalized quote.

Again, the postoperative period of the mommy makeover will change depending on the treatments that are going to be applied. There are big differences between cases, depending for example on whether you need a mammoplasty or liposuction or if you are only going to focus on one or two areas of the body versus a more general intervention.

One of the great advantages of post-pregnancy surgery is that it is specially designed to give you fast and high-quality results. In a few weeks, as soon as the most noticeable effects of surgery begin to heal, you may begin to see big changes in your body that will help you regain self-confidence.

However, as in most aesthetic procedures the final results will not be seen until after approximately 6 months.

Although there is no set amount of time, we generally recommend waiting between 6 months and a year before having this surgery. This is because many of the changes produced by pregnancy and change do not show up completely until after this time.

However, there are many factors that can influence this regard. For example, patients who are in favor of breastfeeding may want to wait until their children are grown before undergoing this intervention. In other cases, interventions such as intimate rejuvenation may run faster in the event that the effects of childbirth affect the quality of sexual intercourse.


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