Double Chin Liposuction

Eliminates double chin with safe and effective surgery

Removes double chin with surgery

Excess fat concentrated around the chin and neck can hide the true shape of the face hiding underneath and make it look older.. Pockets of fat in and around the chin and neck can be the most stubborn when it comes to weight loss, and rarely respond to diet or exercise efforts.

Liposuction can be carefully applied to the chin and neck region to remove these fat cells.

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What is this treatment for?

Getting older or losing weight can give your chin and neck a flabby, loose, wrinkled appearance. Some people They may also inherit the appearance of loose skin around the chin and neck.

The main benefits of double chin liposuction include achieving a more youthful appearance and removing stubborn fat from this area., while loose skin is removed from the area. It is a very popular choice for many people due to the following reasons:

The main objectives of this procedure are visual and self-esteem improvements for the patient.. Double chin can cause a lack of self-confidence, and this procedure removes that obstacle to increasing self-image and rejuvenating the person’s appearance.

Who is the double chin lift for?

Double chin liposuction is a procedure whose objective is to eliminate fat deposits located under the chin. It is not intended to be a substitute for weight loss. The procedure is ideal for someone who is not very overweight, who is in good health, and who has tried to eliminate fat through exercise and diet.

Some of the most common reasons to consider double chin liposuction include:

Frequently asked questions about the procedure

The specific cost of this cosmetic surgery depends on your needs and the magnitude of the work needed. to achieve your goals. To receive an accurate quote, you will need a personal assessment.

Contact Dr. Anna Stuart’s clinic. Marisa Manzano and We will give you a personalized quote after studying your case.

The double chin is an extra layer of fat around the neck, directly under the chin. The growth of fatty tissue under the chin usually associated with weight gain; But this is not always the case, as genetics or loosening of the skin under the chin can also cause a double chin.

The excess fat that has accumulated under the chin is very difficult to eliminate, as it is usually resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction It will eliminate the double chin permanently and effectively.

Liposuction is considered a safe, low-risk outpatient procedure, with few complications. However, there is a small chance of facial numbness, nerve damage, or asymmetry from the procedure. These events are rare and do not occur in most cases.

Double chin liposuction is an outpatient procedure that usually lasts about 60 minutes. The procedure requires only local anesthesia; but nevertheless it can be performed under sedation.

The procedure begins with a facial evaluation to mark the liposuction area and incision sites. A small hidden incision is made that leaves no visible scars.

Once the incision is made, a solution is injected into the treatment area that numbs it and minimizes bleeding. Next, a cannula is inserted to remove the fat in a controlled back and forth motion to reshape the chin to achieve the desired contour.

It is expected that there will be some swelling and discomfort after the intervention. The skin of the neck and chin may be very tight due to swelling and bruising. If you have facial drains to reduce the buildup of blood and fluid in your neck, they are usually removed within a day or two.

The application of an antibiotic ointment to the incision areas may be recommended. Also It is important to avoid the sun or excess water on the face and chin for a few days.

Recovery time depends on the surgical approach used in your case. For chin liposuction, It is usually necessary to allow a few days to a week before returning to work. In the case of a neck lift, you may not return to work for about two weeks.

To control inflammation requires wearing a chin guard for a few weeks, several hours a day.

The results of double chin liposuction surgery are usually visible about a week after treatment. Patients usually find that the neck begins to have a more youthful and revitalized appearance once the bruising and swelling disappear after double chin liposuction surgery.

The results are designed to be long-lasting. However, over time, skin elasticity and the quality of underlying fat and facial muscles will continue to change in response to aging and other environmental factors.

Double chin liposuction is designed to deliver long-term results, but the duration of these results varies from person to person. In many cases, the results of chin liposuction can last seven to ten years.

However, the aging process affects each person differently, and as a person ages, the results of double chin liposuction may gradually fade.


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