Face and neck lift

Rejuvenate your face with minimally invasive surgery


The neck and face are two of the areas that show the most signs of aging with age. Many patients with sagging or wrinkling on the lower face also have visible signs of aging in the neck. When this occurs, one of the best options to solve it is to resort to plastic surgery to treat these problems.

Facelift surgery usually includes neck lift surgery to achieve a fully rejuvenated facial appearance. However, depending on the condition of your face and neck, you may only need one or both procedures.

What is this treatment for?

A face and neck lift helps improve the most visible signs of aging by removing and redistributing excess fatty deposits, tightening underlying muscles, and removing sagging skin.

Depending on the age and anatomy of the patient, here are some of the improvements a facelift and neck lift can provide:

The neck lift alone or with a facelift can give you back a more harmonious and pleasant youthful appearance and improve your overall appearance.

Who is the face and neck lift for?

Both facelift and neck lift surgery are among the most performed anti-aging procedures. Facelift surgery is designed to treat skin laxity and drooping of the lower part of the face, from the cheeks to the jawline.

On the other hand, neck lift surgery is especially useful for creating a smoother and more refined neck and chin without making any other changes to the face, depending on the patient’s needs.

Although both procedures can make you look and feel younger, most patients don’t realize that their facial aging can be corrected with different surgical procedures depending on the area to be treated.

Frequently Asked Questions About Treatment

The costs of this intervention will depend entirely on the needs of each person. If you decide to have facelift or neck lift surgery, get in touch and book an appointment at Dr. Anna Stuart’s clinic. Marisa Manzano. In it we will inform you about what is possible for you and we will give you a personalized plan based on your case.

Facelift and neck lift are usually performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia depending on the size of the procedure. The operation lasts between two and five hours.

Antibiotics may be given to keep the wound clean. On the other hand, at the end drainage tubes are usually placed on the face or neck to pass any fluid or blood.. These tubes will be removed when the fluid or blood has stopped draining, usually before you go home.

You may return home the same day, but you’ll most likely spend the night in the hospital.. If you return home the same day, a companion must stay with you overnight. The face and neck will be tense and sore after the operation; But with the right medication you’ll stay comfortable.

It is normal for some numbness to occur in the skin of the cheeks and ears. This usually improves in a few weeks or months, although there may be a short- or medium-term loss of sensitivity of the skin in front of the ears. It is best to keep your head raised to reduce swelling.

To avoid problems, it is advisable to sleep with additional pillows to keep the head elevated during the first days after the operation.. The same day of the intervention you can get out of bed and do light activities after two weeks. Avoid strenuous activities, saunas, and massages for at least two weeks.

At first the face will look a little swollen and may feel somewhat strange and stiff. The scars can hide very well with the hair, so you can return to work and social life in a couple of weeks. Men find it more difficult than women to hide scars, and beards may grow closer to their ears as a result of skin lifting.

Makeup can help cover bruises. There may be a slight reduction in hair growth at the temples, but This is not usually a problem unless the hair is very fine and several facelifts are performed.

Don’t lift heavy objects for several weeks and avoid bending over or having sex for at least two weeks. With all activities, it’s important to start carefully. Don’t drive until you feel safe and comfortable wearing a seat belt.

At first, the skin on the face and neck may seem too tight.to. This usually goes away within six weeks of the operation. Most patients are satisfied with the end result, but some have a hard time getting used to their new shape.

As for the results, you will not be able to judge the final effect of your facelift or neck lift until after six to nine months. Even if the operation is a success, You may need another operation in the future to tighten your skin again.

If you’re looking to reverse the signs of aging on your face, neck, or both, contact Dr. Anna S. Marisa Manzano to schedule your consultation. The appointment will review your areas of concern and determine which procedures are right for you.


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